Software Developer, Designer and Inventor

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Fanatic of Minimalist Software Development, Accurate Database Design and Meticulous Business Analysis.
Specialized in but not limited to Web Applications.
Focused on Object-Oriented/Functional paradigms and Service Orientation.
Fallen in love with Design Patterns and convinced that they represent the Feng Shui of Computer Science.

I've studied electronics, written my first code on a VIC 20 and, during 1999, finally understood that software development was my future.
After that, during 17 years of experience (at February 2016), I've worked in various contexts and levels developing applications for web as well as other purposes with PHP / JavaScript (primarily), Java / C# (secondarily) and other programming languages.

Software is my passion and a lot of my spare time is devoted to it through projects, tryouts and self-training.
My projects are what I believe in. They are all around Emergent Artificial Intelligence, with focus on Neural Networks, and Computational Systems, with focus on Integrated Development Environments. At some point in the future they will become, hopefully, publicy accessible.
Occasionally I publish tryouts as attempts to taste new horizons. They are all around Machine Learning, 3D, Electronics, Robotics and some other interests.

Currently I'm working as a Senior Software Developer at the Access Group in London.

contact (at)
Primary Mobile Phone:
(UK) +44 759 9881777
Secondary Mobile Phone:
(IT) +39 366 4738238
Primary Address:
(UK) 37 Newton Lodge, West Parkside, London, SE10 0BA
Secondary Address:
(IT) Via Nazionale Nord, 13 - 64025 - Pineto (TE) - Italy

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